Veteran International Business Growth Mentor & Life Coach

Helping people find the clarity and confidence with military precision to start and grow their life and business, allowing them to live the Limitless Life they desire and deserve.

Empowering them to have a life of Wealth and Freedom.

Enabling them to have more TIME, MONEY and FREEDOM to live the Limitless Life they desire and deserve.

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How I can help You

Personal Growth

We all have the ability to do whatever we want in our life. You just have to take control and believe in yourself. By understanding and pushing yourself you are able to make relevant changes in your life are you able to truly be fulfilled and satisfied. Finding the right direction for you.

Business Growth

Whether it is starting your new business or growing an existing business. Being able to understand your business and work ON it, not IN it allows you not only to increase the profits, but also to create a sustainable legacy

Career Growth

Are you stuck in your job, feeling unfulfilled and trapped? It is possible to make the changes you need to follow your dream job, leading the inspired life you deserve.

Helping You Achieve Success

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What Is Life Coaching?

A coach helps you identify your goals, generating ideas so that you can develop an actionable plan to achieve them. This can be personally, in your business and in your career.   Many people need the insight of an experienced coach to help them overcome obstacles and make meaningful progress in their journey. The best clients don’t need coaching to achieve their goals, but they want coaching to help them accelerate their success. A coach can’t tell you what to do, but they can help you discover new avenues you might not have thought to explore on your own.

Who is Coaching For?

Coaching is for anyone! Everyone benefits from support at some point in their life, and the people who benefit from being coached the most are those who want more out of life. If you are open and receptive to change, a coach could be the right choice for you. By asking insightful questions, a coach is able to enable you to reach your goals and feel personally and professionally empowered. Anyone can benefit from having a knowledgeable source of support, but not everyone is ready to invest in themselves. Are you?

Success Stories

Chris Ling
Fitter By Desgn

Chris Ling

Working with Lee with both life and business coaching I have been able to reignite my passion for health and fitness, build a side business, and am now well on my way to opening our first, fitness education centre.

Thank you Lee; for always helping me to think big and keep pressing forward. 


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Big Friendly Dog (1)

Becca White

Thanks to Lee I have found a project that gives me total freedom and allows me to do something that incorporates my creative side and my love of animals. 

Putting this together while working full time and working towards a master’s degree hasn’t been easy but with Lee’s direction I have extra income and complete control over my own small business.


Ready to Reach New Heights? Let's Get There, Together.

It can be hard to admit when you need help. Many successful people have coaches to help them reach their goals. Sometimes you just need someone to help you verbalise a problem so that you can come to a solution. That’s my job. As a coach, I can help you grow personally and professionally, putting in place the lasting changes you need to feel empowered and fulfilled.