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Coaching with Lee Broders

I frequently get asked what kind of coach I am and how I can help people.

May area of expertise is to work holistically with each client in a professional and supportive manner to motivate and inspire them.

Helping people acknowledge what is stopping them living their fulfilled and satisfying life, then take responsibility and control in both their personal and business life allowing them to move forward and achieve their dreams.

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Free 20 Minute Discovery Call

Finding the right coach to work with is essential and it is not a one size fits all.   This is a free 20 minute consultation to see if there is any synergy and if I is the right coach for you.


Limitless Life Breakthrough

This is the Limitless Life Breakthrough. A 6-week intensive coaching programme helps you find the clarity you need to be able to succeed in life.

Limitless Life Launchpad

This is the Limitless Life Launchpad.   A 6-month coaching programme helps you find clarity in your life and allows you to start your own profitable and sustainable business.

A Positive Growth Mindset for Success

This is a short coaching program to help you achieve a positive growth mindset for success.   Understanding how successful people think and how you too can learn how to establish that same mindset to become successful.

Frontline 2 Freedom

For Veterans, Military Personal and Family, who want to live a Limitless Life by allowing them to Build Wealth to give them more Time, more Money and more Freedom and live the life they desire and deserve.

Something Else?

Can’t find what you’re looking for in any of my current packages?

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