Have you ever not done something because you’re afraid of failing?

By definition, failure is a lack of success.

Most people see successful people, but they don’t see the failures that they’ve gone through to get there.

I believe that most people see failure as a bad thing, that they have not succeeded in something that they’ve wanted to do and then they give up, we all fail at something.

Me? I failed at many things, exams, business, marriage, fitness, and that’s to name just a few.

Failing to complete something can be hard on you, as usually, you’re doing something that you want to succeed in.

You blame yourself for the failure and feel your self-worth disappear as you get labelled a failure.

However, there is another way of looking at failure and that is, that it’s an excellent learning opportunity. 

We try hard to succeed and when we fail, we give up thinking, we’re not good enough, but if we were to look at it as a lesson, you can re-evaluate what you have done and how you did it.

You can identify what you did correctly and improve on it while finding out what didn’t go as well as you think it should have, having the ability to make the changes so that you can improve your chances of success next time, allowing you to learn, develop, and fine-tune these failures so the experience is advantageous to us.

Also, we should not let any kind of failure define us.

Everyone and I mean everyone, fails at something in their life.

And if we let these failures define ourselves, we will never have the courage to try things again.

Some of my failures are at 16 I got one O level, but I failed 10 other O levels. At the Army Apprentice College, I failed exams and got back termed.

But even with these academic failures, in later life I completed a Master of Laws.

I’ve also started many businesses over the years that have not succeeded, but I’ve also started some businesses that turnover six-figure sums.

This is because I’ve been able to learn from my failures and implement those changes in my future.

It is not just me that has failed and been able to learn and grow from the failures that I’ve had. There are a lot of now famous people who have failed.

J K Rowling’s, the author of Harry Potter was turned away 12 times before successfully getting published.

Katy Perry was dropped by three record labels but continued to pursue her career.

Lady Gaga was signed to a record label at 19, but was dropped three months later, It seemed that no one was interested in her as an artist.

Richard Branson created Virgin Atlantic, but hit financial difficulties and had to sell Virgin music, his first record label, to actually get out of the problem.

Winston Churchill lost a total of five elections, including his very first one.

This is to name just a few, as every successful person has had more than a few failures in their life.

So failure should not be seen as a bad thing.

It just means we have to think about how we do things differently.

So, when you do fail, because everyone who tries something does fail, remember, don’t give up, just try and do something different. 

If you have the courage to try new and exciting things, you will have some failures, but the rewards you get from what you’ve learned will be amazing.

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